I do things with words.

Content to engage, entertain, and inform.

Ben Meakin

I’m an experienced content writer with 10 years of industry experience across a huge range of media and subjects. I’ve owned the content for Facebook pages with over 20m fans, written press releases for national distribution and composed product descriptions for chart-topping apps.

I’ve written about football and fast cars, presidents and pop stars, wild animals, tech entrepreneurs and children’s toys. I’ve sub-edited scientific journals, managed PPC ads, created rulebooks for board games and written 600 questions for an Olympic edition of Trivial Pursuit (and I still know all the answers).

I am an English graduate from the University of Sheffield and have spent my career doing fun and creative things with words. When I'm not writing, I will usually be found reading, running, playing video games or trying to persuade my dog to leave the sofa and go for a walk.




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